New spam type – bacn


A new type of spam has been discovered – bacn. It is a new solicited email scourge. Bacn commonly includes messages from social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, subscribed newsletters, surveys or flight bargains.

Although it is not a first time such type of spam has been noticed, only recently bacn has become a serious issue. It’s becoming rather a part of geek vernacular and no social networking scene or multiple sites user can feel completely safe.

According to Facebook’s incessant notifications of friend requests, wall postings, private messages and, particularly, invitations to install plug0in applications like a graffiti wall are often cited as the most annoying bacn. However, Facebook seem to have found a solution to this problem: users will soon receive all notifications in a single daily digest email.

As there are more forms of bacn, other users’ are suggested using email filters that are based on the sender’s address or keywords.

Particularly those users who are using Outlook are able to create separate folders for bacn (Outlock is able to filter spam into separate folder) and those who prefer web-based email systems, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, are advised to create multiple accounts, so they could use a different address for each social networking site or mailing list they are subscribed to. Fallowing these advices would guarantee that bacn stays clear of users’ primary email account.


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