Apple explains the incident of stalking their users


Last week iPhone users have been warned that their phones might track user location and store it without their permission on the phone and computer that is synchronized to the phone using iTunes. Moreover, this data is being backed up and sent to Apple. The information was found to be unencrypted which means that all the data may be stolen by anyone who has access to your phone or computer.

After one week Apple has finally explained the situation. The company denies that this feature was used aiming to stalk on its users. This way Apple has been creating database in order to forward location positioning. However, it admits that their software contain a bug which allows to store too much information.

Apple denies that it is tracking individual users as all information is sent to the company anonymously and the only purpose why they do it is because they want to improve their location-based services. Basically, they were registering locations of Wi-Fi hot spots just to create a bigger database.

Apple also announces that next week they will release an update for your iPhone software which will reduce the size of the information they are storing and stop backing up the files. You will also be able to delete this cache by turning off the Location Service feature.


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