Apple‘s Mac OS X Users have been Targeted by FBI Ransomware

Those having Windows OS know that ransomware is one of the most popular viruses, that infects their computers whereas Apple users having Mac were quite calm regarding the malware attacks while browsing the Internet. Until now. Cyber criminals turned their eyes to the growing market of Apple consumers by leveraging the browser and its ‘restore from crash’ feature and this way adapting already existing ransomware to the latter system.

The FBI virus page is displayed to unsuspecting users browsing regular sites but in particular when searching for popular keywords. The warning message includes the following text:

You have been viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content.. To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release fee of $300.

If you look at the address bar, you will see the following URL: . com. That must look quite official for anyone unfamiliar with the virus and its tricks. Even if you ignore the notice, the page will still be shown without an option to turn it off. Even the “Leave Page” browser function will not work. If you “force quit” the application, the same ransomware page will come back the next time you reboot Safari because of the “restore from crash” feature which loads backs the last URL visited before the browser was quit unexpectedly.

No matter how desperate the situation might seem, there is a way out. You will not even have to pay the $300 ransom. Here is a solution: click on the Safari menu and then choose “Reset Safari”. Check if all items are marked and click the Reset button. It should do the trick. For PCs the removal process is more complex and would depend on FBI Virus version.

A tip for the future: whenever you see any warning message, no matter how legitimate it might look, take time to get more information about it. Always have in might that it might be cyber criminals who are behind the warning. Even if you feel you were doing something bad or illegal, check before paying if it was official institutions that got you caught.



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