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Webalta Virus is a browser hijacker that replaces an affected computer’s Home page, default Search engine and New Tab page with home.webalta.ru. The latter is a search page that is designed in Russian language. It offers search service, a possibility to create user’s personalized page and displays links to various articles. One starts getting redirected to home.webalta.ru after installing a toolbar responsible for the changes. As the website itself does not add any value, moreover it might annoy with tons of advertisement displayed, usually computer users do not choose to have it set as default.

Webalta Virus is distributed using aggressive methods in order to gain as many users as possible. For example, it might come bundled with freeware or shareware. After automatically installing such software one ends up having Webalta toolbar added as well. In order to avoid unwanted changes you should always select custom installation option and remove check boxes for any unfamiliar applications that might be added together with the wanted program. Traditional means like spam e-mails, malicious attachments, corrupted advertisements are also used for the toolbar’s distribution. One more method applied is called social engineering, when various tricks are used for a victim to be convinced that she downloads a useful program or update but actually she installs unwanted application manually. In order not to get caught on this hook you should download updates only from official software websites.

Webalta.ru developers earn their money from the traffic generated to the site. The more searches are made, the more clicks received, the more profit it means therefore it is not surprising that browser extension’s removal is particularly difficult. Most likely you will not find it in Control Panel Add and Remove Programs. If you do see it there, uninstall the toolbar from there. In any case perform a full system scan using reliable antivirus tool that is known to remove browser hijackers, for example Spyhunter. If your computer had any other unwanted applications installed together with Webalta Virus, these will be removed automatically as well. Moreover, in case you got your PC infected with viruses while being redirected to home.webalta.ru or any other untrustworthy sites promoted by it, this antivirus will detect them as well. After your computer is cleaned you might need to do the following changes:

On IE:

  • Click arrow on the right of search box;
  • On IE8-9 choose Manage Search providers or on IE7 click change search defaults;
  • Remove Webalta.ru from the list.

On Firefox :

  • In url field type: about:config;
  • When a search box opens, type: Keyword.url. Right click it and reset;
  • Now type: browser.search.defaultengine. Right click it and reset as well.

On Google Chrome:

  • Click gear icon on browser toolbar;
  • Select Settings;
  • Select Basics ->Manage Search engines;
  • Remove Webalta.ru from the list.

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