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Scan & Repair Utilities is a rogue anti-spyware all-in-one program. Despite the arguably bizarre name, this program is no different than all the other ones with the same purpose: usually installed by exploiting web-browser security holes or using Trojans, this program only benefits its creators and intimidates money out of gullible users.

When active, Scan % Repair Utilities allows the user to perform a scan, which produces a falsified and highly exaggerated report. None of the threats in the report may necessarily exist, but by providing you with such disinformation, the people behind Scan & Repair hope that you will buy the full version of the program, which is supposedly needed to remove the threats on your system. The full version is, of course, a fake.

Scan % Repair Utilities’ homepage has a lot of chaotically-distributed content, which is not always intelligible and, usually, repetitive. A careful analysis of the website would definitely lead to the conclusion that this program is a scam: grammar mistakes, the mix of information on "how great this program is" and "how dangerous spyware is", the lack of contact information – it all makes for the usual homepage for a rogue anti-spyware scam.

Do NOT download or buy Scan & Repair Utilities and block using your HOSTS file.

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