PC Defender 2010 - How to remove?


PC Defender 2010 is another fake anti-spyware application from the same malicious family as PC Guardian 2010 or PC Antivirus 2010. PCDefender2010 similarly to its initial frauds reports hundreds of viruses “detected” and later offers its help in repairing the system. Actually, this program just attempts to push PC users into installing its licensed version which is not for free, of course. In exchange for getting PC Defender 2010’s license victims will have to pay some money online. Don’t do that! Soon this program will turn out to be a typical rogueware which will cause many problems for your PC.

When it comes to infiltration methods of PC Defender 2010, it usually gets into the system through security holes found. This is done without user’s knowledge or consent but, when becomes active, malware definitely shows up for its victims. PC defender 2010 starts to run its fake system scanners at once Windows starts and reports that hundreds of viruses are detected. People say that various pop-up ads and alerts also appear when PC Defender 2010 is infiltrated and typically announce spyware problems.

These scanners, alerts and pop-up ads of PC Defender 2010 should never be trusted because they report invented problems. When using this tactics, program typically seeks to get a chance to offer its victims purchasing its full “licensed” version and steal their money in this way. Don’t believe that you really need PC Defender 2010 for protecting your computer. This scamware was invented only for making the money, so instead of purchasing it get a reputable anti-spyware and delete PC Defender 2010.


Automatic PC Defender 2010 removal tools

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