- How to remove? is another noxious website. It is promoted through misleading online advertisements, banners and pop-up windows. The main purpose of this website is to advertise malicious software and suggest user to buy its full version. Design of this website is practically identical with Windows XP operating system interface, that’s why many users can mistakenly assume it as legitimate page. However, it contains misleading and fabricated information.

Once user has visited, it is very likely that his computer was infected with malicious software. Later, it might flood the system with annoying pop-up windows and alert notifications. Such behavior is typical to trojan viruses or browser hijackers. Moreover, changes default browser settings and redirects user to its homepage instead of website he is willing to visit. Firsly, it is very important to stay away from website and secondly,  user should run system check if he has visited this noxious website.


Automatic removal tools

* Support is performed by Callstream. screenshots browser hijacker

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