is a malicious website, which sells the rogue anti-spyware program System Security. Once you enter the website, a fake online system scan will be launched. After it is completed the website will display the following popups:

“The page at says: Your computer remains infected by viruses! They can cause data loss and file damages and need to be cured as soon as possible. Return to System Security and download it secure to your PC”


“ says: Warning!!! Your computer contains various signs of viruses and malware programs presence. Your system requires immediate anti viruses check! System Security will perform a quick and free scanning of your PC for viruses and malicious programs.”

Do not trust this website – it’s intentions are far from good. System Security is a fake and annoying program, which only wants your money. It is recommended that you block using your HOSTS file.


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I am an attentive virus researcher. My interests include discussions about deceptive online content and rogue software applications. All of our goal is to minimize the risks that many people encounter during browsing and help them figure out the main hints that might indicate that a program or a website is of a fraudulent nature.

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